Today, increasingly people are searching for health and wellness related information over the internet to solve their health problems.


The Medical Tourism Industry’s BIGGER Challenge is being noticed in a crowded marketplace.


I am the best provider

 providing top quality service

 at the most affordable cost

 Looking for a Differentiator in the Medical Tourism Market?

Our Medical Tourism Marketing Solutions are all about getting you


Marketing healthcare services to medical travelers is complicated… But…

Our Solutions are a Strong Differentiator - Being Noticed in the Market

Whether you want to do it online or offline…  internally or externally…


 Defining a right balance and specific marketing strategy are the key!

Targeted Solutions & Marketing Services

PlacidSolutions can help you define how all marketing pieces can be customized to meet your specific needs based on your specific target markets, demographics, and budgets. 

PlacidSolutions Targeted Solutions & Marketing Services Include:

Website Development - PlacidSolutions Marketing Solutions

 Website Development

Develop new or upgrade your website to attract new patients… integrate visual impact, consumer-centric functions and findability of your site. Learn more 

Marketing Plans - PlacidSolutions Marketing Services

Marketing Plans

Define a roadmap for your specific medical tourism market achieving your marketing goals. Learn more 

Visual Marketing Strategies - PlacidSolutions - Marketing Services

Online Marketing

Maximize your online presence with effective internet marketing that will drive patients to your optimized and highly engaging website.  Learn more 


Branding and Marketing Materials

Define and communicate your unique selling proposition with high impact visual message… from logo design to web presence to every promotion representing your offerings. Learn more

Social Media Optimization - PlacidSolutions

Social Media

Integrate your social media presence with your specific marketing goals and implement the most effective solution to increase your brand awareness and engagement. Learn more

Medical Tourism Consulting Services

Medical Tourism Consulting Services

Global competition means that your products and services have to perform at world-class levels, simply to be allowed to continue to be a player in your geographic area… Learn More 

CRM App - Customer Relationship Management

CRM App – Customer Relationship Management

PlacidTrack is designed to follow the patient acquisition lifecycle model. This proven and comprehensive system… Learn More

Strategic Planning - PlacidSolutions Marketing Services

Strategic Planning

Strategic planning is the blueprint for operations, sales & marketing and the communication vehicle with stakeholders including customers, investors, employees & business processes. Learn More