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Patient + Provider Direct Communication – Key Ingredient of Medical Tourism Industry Growth

Patient-Provider Chat Email

Patient + Provider Direct Communication – Key Ingredient of Medical Tourism Industry Growth

What works towards the growth of the medical tourism industry? Improving patient-provider relation! It is the effort to improve patient care and overall experience that leads the industry to grow. This is possible when the providers can serve the patients with exact and instant information. This makes the use of emails and instant messaging very important. Patients want to hear from the providers and email/chat is the best way to engage them. Instant, open, direct and transparent communication not only improves customer satisfaction, it potentially affects patient-centered care.

How Instant Messaging and Emails can help the Industry to Grow

  • Interaction with customers happen real time- When the patients have a query, they are able to find answers immediately.
  • Strengthen relationships with the patients- It leads to build greater trust among the patients, which they also spread to the friends and family creating positive word of mouth publicity.
  • Offer a customized solution- Live chat helps you to understand what patients need and design customized solution quickly. Thus, you become more competitive.
  • Avoid Miscommunications- With email and Live Chat, you can record/save interaction data, which can help to avoid possible miscommunication between staff and patients.
  • Increases conversion rate- You can quickly collect relevant information and provide live advice reducing the number of calls in the future. Thus, it is cost-effective as well.

Work on Strategies to Build Patient-Provider Direct Communication

PlacidWay is the leading medical tourism company who is focused on improving patient provider direct communication via email as well as online chat. In order to be successful in communicating live with the patients, the provider associates must be properly trained for answering questions any time. They should be trained to ask the right questions and understand the customer’s need in order to provide customers solutions which are customized promptly.

When the customer problems are addressed with such personalized human factor, it creates trust and reliability. Such improved communication increases strategic relationships between the patients and the providers, which further leads to the growth of the medical tourism industry.

PlacidWay believes in patient + provider direct communication. We are happy and excited to roll email and chat functionality contributing as a major differentiator in the industry.

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