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Social Media Optimization (SMO Services)

Social Media Optimization - SMO Services - PlacidSolutions

Enter the Digital world and Socialize!

Social Media Optimization helps you increase the awareness of your Brand!

Expand Reaching Targeted Audience - PlacidSolutions

SMO offers you a great opportunity for your businesses to expand reaching targeted audience. You may reach patients from all across the globe for your medical center!

Your Content Easily Shareable - SMO Services - PlacidSolutions

PlacidSolutions Team is able and prepared to make your content easily shareable across the social web!

Our SMO Services - PlacidSolutions Marketing Services

Stay ahead of their competition by increasing your brand image; our SMO services include:

  • Facebook page creation and promotion

  • Twitter Account Promotion
  • LinkedIn Promotion
  • Hub Pages Creation
  • Squidoo Lens Creation
  • Stumble upon Promotion
  • Pinterest Promotion

  • Google+ Page Promotion

  • YouTube Channel & Videos Promotion
  • APsense Brand Page creation
  • Blog Promotion
  • Kaboodle Promotion (Product) etc.
  • Delicious
  • Tumblr

**Other social media sites as applicable for your specific needs!

Why SMO Makes Sense - PlacidSolutions

  • To win an important amount of visitors, and potential customers
  • To target your audience, capture their attention and send specific messages to each one of them through different channels
  • Because everyone is on Social Media nowadays, people look for all kind of content easily available
  • To provide and share your fresh content to your audience
  • To generate more traffic to your website
  • Because all your patients are people, they talk about their experiences, they post comment, share and rate services continuously
  • Overall, because YOU will get business through multiple channels!

Team of Experts in PlacidSolutions - Marketing Services

Our Professional team of experts has the technical knowledge in order to create the right strategy for your company and implementing generating results!

Developing Rich Content - PlacidSolutions

We’ll help you develop rich content that people will share as well as brand reputation management for your company. Let’s get Social!

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